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Hi honey, we are on a mission to help our bee-friends and the future of our planet.


gin Crafted with a hint of 🇧🇪 honey.


What we do

  • Supporting & funding belgium beekeepers

  • Making international buzzz around bees 24/7

  • Distribution of free bee friendly wild flower seeds

  • Supporting natural beekeeping

What you do

  • Plant many different pollen- and nectar-rich plants in your garden

  • Mow your lawn less often, keep the clover

  • Buy honey from your local beekeeper

  • Install an insect hotel

  • Offer bees a source of water

  • Stop using pesticides, try alternatives


"If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live"



Bees and other pollinating insects play an essental role in our ecosystem. 1/3rd of our meals are made possible by honeybees. If all the honeybees were to die out, thousands of plants would follow which would lead to millions of people starving.


In the last few years millions of beehives have been dying out. A phenomenon called 'Colony Collapse Disorder’. Presently we're not entirely sure what's causing it, but we know pesticides, parasites, climate change, etc. are part of it. So it's important that we as beekeepers try to do our best to keep the bees healthy and strong.


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Save The Queen is about creating delicious honey-hinted spirits by working together with bees, for bees.

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